RF Copenhagen
RF Copenhagen 1

Copenhagen Long

15th August 2021

Join Race Force as we travel to Copenhagen where 150,000 fans await to cheer you on to the finish. This popular long distance race is well organised so be sure to get your bike transport booked early. 


The swim is in the lagoon at Amager Beach Park, a 3.8 km one-lap course with spectator getting excellent views from the shores, as well as from the three picturesque bridges perched above the action.


For the 180 km bike ride, you will wind through central Copenhagen before heading north on two loops in the rolling hills of the island's northern countryside, where lush farmlands create a scenic tour. You may recognise the scenery from the World Road Race Cycling Championships, which took place here in 2011, and will find yourself in a Tour de France-like atmosphere with spectators lining the course. 


Once back in downtown Copenhagen, you’ll dismount your bike next to King's New Square and the Danish National Bank.  Be ready for this T2 as you will hand over your bike and begin the run in just over 50 seconds.


The four-lap run course stretches along the city’s harbor, lined with bright 17th and 18th-century row houses.  Copenhageners come out to celebrate their triathlon  and spur you on to the finish, lining the route in the town centre. 


(Minimum 18 people required to make this trip)



Bike Bus Pro


Bike Bus Pro includes:

- Home pickup/drop off

- 10kg of luggage 50cmx40cmx20cm

- Pre arrival information and communications

- Swim & Bike reccie in Copenhagen

-Team briefing and daily race update

- Race team help with registration & check in activities

- Bike Safety Check by qualified cycle mechanic  


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