Race Buddy Gavin Brown

Gavin just loves racing Xtra Mile events


This is my 6th consecutive year in triathlon. Previously, I watched it on TV, in awe at these superhuman men and women, thinking I could never do that but at the same time secretly wishing I could. The sport stayed very much in the back of my mind over the years without me paying much attention because it seemed such a world away from anything that I could ever do. Coming from a mainly football and running background, I could barely float in the water, let alone swim.


Then in late 2010 my bathroom was being refitted so I joined my local health club on a 3 month contract to have somewhere to shower and work on my fitness. After 2 weeks I got fed up of the running treadmill but totally addicted to the sauna and swimming pool. A friend sent me some info about various local sport events, including a pool based triathlon and that’s when the seed was planted in my mind. Still not confident in my swimming, the event seemed too soon to enter so I gave myself a year to prepare which at the time seemed like overkill but probably wasn’t based on my zero experience. Anyway, 15 months later I completed my first sprint triathlon. To be honest I can’t remember much about the day apart from the “jelly legs” sensation at the start of the run and thinking there was no way I was going to finish and then the euphoria and sense of achievement when I did eventually cross the finish line. I signed up for my next event the very same evening.


In the five years since I’ve been doing 5 or 6 events a year ranging from sprint to middle distance. I guess my main motivation has been to explore and challenge myself as a person, both mind and body. Even now, I’m still finding out about what I’m capable of doing (and what I can’t!). More than any other sport I’ve found that triathlon requires a high level of motivation. If the mind is willing then you can commit to the essential training and preparation and eventually the body will follow. I’m still hoping for that sub 30 min 1.5 k swim or the sub 40 min 10 k run. I may never get there but I‘ll give it a good go and enjoy trying. I take part in events around the north west of the UK which for me means the Xtra Mile events. Someday I’d like to race abroad as part of a holiday and maybe even one day step up to long distance but for now I’ve still got lots to learn. After 5 years of triathlons and duathlons I’ve made all the obvious mistakes and so I’ve joined the Race Force team to help fellow athletes avoid unnecessary errors, improve their fitness and enjoy the sport.



See Gavin out at the Standard Distance event with Xtra Mile at

Oulton Park on the 5th March 2017