Race Mechanic Ian Walford

Hi guys, my name's Ian. I'm a full time bike mechanic with 30 years experience of build and repair, starting at the age of 11 with a battered Raleigh road bike that needed two new wheels and pretty much everything else replacing. Outside of work I'm what friends call an 'avid' cyclist with too many bikes ranging from a 1930's BSA to an Planet X  who's only original part is the seat clamp. Most of my riding is on road, either solo or when work allows with a local club (have to mention Clacton Cycling and Running Club!) and averages around 150 miles a week, or hours  of torture on the turbo if the weather is abysmal. Any other free time is spent with my very forgiving family who are continually perplexed by the piles of bike parts that accumulate around the house.


Thanks to Kate I was given the opportunity to take part in the RaceForce relay team at Challenge Paguera this year, which was an amazing experience given that I had no kit and wasn't expecting to need any. Because of this, as well as signing up for various cycling events, I'm also training to do my first Tri in 2016. Hopefully with a half distance by the end of the year. Still have a long way to go though but at least my running style has progressed from 'an extra in the Walking Dead'.