Race Mechanic James Wharton

I’m James, UK and European Mechanic for Race Force. I’ve Been Working as a Bike Mechanic since 2012 and working for Race Force Since 2015.

My sporting background has been predominantly in martial arts, i hold a 2nd degree blackbelt in Karate and 1st degree black belt in Wushu and Kickboxing and although i’ve cycled most of my life (mainly BMX and mountain biking), it wasn't until i suffered an injury to my leg (broken Fibula) that rediscovered cycling through physio and recovery, as i could not walk properly or run but i could cycle!


 Years later and leg totally recovered, i’m still obsessed with bikes, mostly taking them apart and putting them back together again. I can fix your £10k pride and joy or your £10 rusty shopping bike, once a bikes in the stand, it gets 100% of my attention, with the help of some good heavy metal of course.


I currently ride a Cube mountain bike, a Boardman SLR road bike and a ‘94 Orange Clockwork to work. I ride as much as I can, either on trails or on the road. Ive not ever raced but after being around a lot of Triathletes the past year, I’m slowly but surely improving my swimming, cycling and running in the aim to do my first tri.


My tool kit consists mostly of the standard bike mechanic tools made by companies like Park, Pedro's, Birzman etc, with a couple of homemade tools that I’ve had to invent for some obscure task, all kept in a knipex tool case when working away from a workshop. Having used a lot of tools and cases over the years, i can rely on my kit to do pretty much anything on a bike.


After an awesome time working for Race Force last season, I can’t wait for the upcoming season to start and to meet more incredible athletes and work on some beautiful bits of carbon.


Love James


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