Race Buddy Nikki Crawley

Hi! I’m Nikki!


Running and travel are my passions and I love combining the two! I completed my fourth marathon in Istanbul in November ..Crossing the Bosphorus bridge from Asia to Europe was my biggest running buzz yet!


I recently spent 2 years living in sunny Sydney where I I decided to jump on the triathlon bandwagon. I’ve never been a swimmer but decided it was time for a new challenge and with Bondi beach as my back yard it seemed like the appropriate time to give it a proper go. A couple of lessons later I was road tripping up the East Coast to the Port Stephens Sprint Triathlon.


Waiting on the waters edge in a swimming costume was a totally new experience for me and the nerves kicked in accentuated nicely by the fear of sharks. It was mentally tough coming out of the water near to the back although easy to find my bike in the cage as not many were left (every cloud)! The cycle was tough on my hire bike an old mountain bike that had seen better days. I finally felt comfortable when I got back on two feet and made up ground on the run! The crowd was electric and although tough my first triathlon was an amazing experience in a beautiful part of Australia. The energy surrounding the event had me hooked and I went back the next year for more.


My aim for this year is to focus on improving my swimming as it really doesn’t come naturally for me. This means getting a wetsuit on and braving the open waters on this side of the world for the first time. 2016 will also be the year of my first Olympic distance triathlon. I’m also doing the London to Brighton bike ride and keeping an eye out for another marathon / travel adventure at the end of the year. Any takers / suggestions welcome!


I’m really excited to become part of team RaceForce and meeting fun and positive people that share my energy for exercise and life itself. X


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